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Conference Topics

Computational Fluid Dynamics Algorithms

Boundary layers and transition
Buoyant flows
Coastal and ocean fluid dynamics
Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS)
Environmental flows
Flows with heat transfer
Fluid-structure interaction
Free boundary flows
High-speed and chemically reacting flows
Hybrid RANS/LES methods
Large-Eddy simulation (LES)
Multiphase flows
Natural hazards
Non-Newtonian and complex fluids
RANS models for turbulent flow simulation
Reactive and combustion flows
River and estuary dynamics
Shock waves

Computational Acoustics

Computational aero-acoustics (CAA)
Fluid and structure acoustics
Noise abatement in aeronautics
Noise abatement in the automotive industry
Noise control
Nonlinear acoustics
Smart materials and noise reduction

Computational Electromagnetics

Composite and complex media
Electromechanical systems
Hybrid and multicriteria optimization
MEMS modelling
Numerical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
Scattering and inverse scattering
Semiconductor device modelling
Superconducting devices

Computational Mathematics and Numerical Methods

Artificial intelligence and expert systems
Data analysis techniques
Domain decomposition
Dynamical systems
Error control and adaptivity
Error estimation
Evolutionary algorithms
Geometry definition for complex configurations
GRID and High Performance Computing
Grid generation for CFD
High-order methods
Immersed and virtual boundary methods
Meshless and BEM Methods
Multgrid/multilevel methods
Multiple-scale physics and computation
Numerical algorithms for continuum approaches (FV, FD, etc.)
Numerical algorithms for inviscid and viscous flows
Numerical algorithms for particle methods (MM, DPS, SPH, LBM,Vortex Methods, etc.)
Numerical linear algebra
Parallel computing
Scientific visualization methods
Solution adaptive grid techniques
Uncertainty quantification and stochastic methods
Wavelet methods

Optimization and Control

Aerodynamic design optimization
Automatic differentiation in CFD
Coupling/linkage methods of optimization techniques in CFD
Data assimilation and model coupling
Evolutionary methods
Inverse problems
Neural networks
Optimal control of differential equations
Optimal design
Reduced order models and low complexity optimization
Shape and topology optimization for fluid flow

Computational Methods in Life Sciences

Numerical algorithms for Biofluid dynamics
Population dynamics
Physiological flows

Industrial Applications

Automotive engineering
Biomedical engineering
Chemical engineering
Electrical engineering
Energy technology
Material processing
Medical applications
Naval architecture
Power generation
Process control
Ship hydrodynamics
Space technology
Sports engineering
System engineering
Thermal comfort in buildings
Traffic and transport